Thursday, July 28, 2011

So, todays post should be a fun one..

I decided to add an update to yesterdays " tricky".. "camera angle" image, with a shot just moments before I began animating; I hope you can appreciate my ability to utilize as many house hold objects as needed, to achieve a somewhat "perfect" lighting job..

As this is a quite heavily convoluted photo, I thought we could make a game of it! (hence the "fun one")

I've decided upon 6 items in the picture below which Id like you to find.. (1 being the hardest item to locate)

6- Shot list
5 - The "Dragon Controller"/number pad (a handy tool you receive when purchasing "Dragon" My frame capturing software of choice!)
4 - The head of "spotted's" main character !! (as he is standing headless..)
3 - Animation slate (the piece of paper I photograph at the beginning of each shot; to keep track of shot numbers and the date)
2 - Original box to my cannon camera
1 - Mini hand held mirror (shown in a photo below)

At the very least, we all have MS paint.. so if you decide to take part, simply circle each item and list them in their correct order - email the image to me, and if you are the genius who you think you are.. you might just win a prize : )

As my iphone took it, the photo is not the clearest.. but don't make a fuss - this will just add to the challenge !

The last item is a toughie.. if people are having trouble.. I will update with clues !

( prize's to be determined .. )

email address :

Good Luck & Dig In !


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