Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 3 was half spent re-doing the last second of shot # 2, then to completing its subsequent shot # 3. The 4am blues must of made me delusional, as to allow me to think the characters reaction would be suitable; My rested eyes begged to differ...

A second of animation is 24 frames ( individual images ) the human eye works quite like a camera does, sending streams of images to your brain, allowing us to identify and interact with the world around us. moving pictures have been developed around these premises - where by the universal video frame rate is 29.97 fps (frames per second) or to avoid dismal digits.. 30 fps.
If you were to be fed more then 30 fps, the movie would come across blurry and hard to watch.. less then 30 fps, the motion would feel slow and or, choppy.. (helps explain why a schizophernic see's this world differently..)

There have been some sneaky animators in the past, trying to find new and improved time effective ways of animating.. (i.e: animation on 2's or 4's rather then 1's) simply meaning: instead of 24fps (1's) it would be 12fps or 6fps, holding the same image for 1 or more frames within the second.

One could think that these are tricks of a lazy animator.. but thats only the case in some situations... the usage of 1's and 2's over the year's has been argued upon over what has the best effect.. where 2's can bring a character to life with broad, snappy gestures.. 1's offers a smooth, subtle touch.

My point for telling you all this is to try and explain exactly how one can spend 4+ hours on a second and a half of animation... Though, I've been making fairly good headway - to say the least, I am on schedule!.

Any who, I thought I ought to show you guys the main character of my film - and a rather tricky, but never the less, achieved camera angle.. :



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